Buying a Home in 2017

The Pros of Technology in the Housing Market

When I first purchased a home back in 2012, the market had just dropped. The internet was ablaze with new apps that made things easy. What they didn’t tell you was how to use them. What is the internet? Do I need to make it happy? Does it like me?

I butt chugged a monster energy drink and began my search.(I didn’t really do that) The first thing you hear about when are looking for a home is Zillow. It’s an amazing tool that can show you world so to speak. There is also padmapper which aggregates multiple sites information. Craisglist which is losing relevancy each year somehow, but is still an amazing tool for finding anything in the states. Also, if you go through a real estate agent you can usually get access to their custom software and listings.

Tools To Improve Your Homes Value

There are an array of blogs and online resources that offer up information on how to improve your home value. You’ll find the same information a lot.

Common way to improve are:

  • Upgrade to your kitchen
  • Modern update to all bathrooms
  • Hardwood floors or just removing carpet
  • Adding crown molding
  • Cleaning up the yard and house in general

Resources on Home Improvement and Security

Closing on Your Home

Even with the changes in technology and the market you still have the option to negotiate your close. Not happy with something? Want a patio? Ask them to pay your closing costs. Think about what you want if you know you are getting a good deal. However if you are too pushy you risk running them off or going with a different buyer. Always weigh all your options. If you are 100% sure you’ve found you dream home you may not want to push them too far. If the house has been on the market for a couple of months you may have more of a chance of getting them to budge.

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