Buying a Home in 2017

The Pros of Technology in the Housing Market

When I first purchased a home back in 2012, the market had just dropped. The internet was ablaze with new apps that made things easy. What they didn’t tell you was how to use them. What is the internet? Do I need to make it happy? Does it like me?

I butt chugged a monster energy drink and began my search.(I didn’t really do that) The first thing you hear about when are looking for a home is Zillow. It’s an amazing tool that can show you world so to speak. There is also padmapper which aggregates multiple sites information. Craisglist which is losing relevancy each year somehow, but is still an amazing tool for finding anything in the states. Also, if you go through a real estate agent you can usually get access to their custom software and listings.

Tools To Improve Your Homes Value

There are an array of blogs and online resources that offer up information on how to improve your home value. You’ll find the same information a lot.

Common way to improve are:

  • Upgrade to your kitchen
  • Modern update to all bathrooms
  • Hardwood floors or just removing carpet
  • Adding crown molding
  • Cleaning up the yard and house in general

Resources on Home Improvement and Security

Closing on Your Home

Even with the changes in technology and the market you still have the option to negotiate your close. Not happy with something? Want a patio? Ask them to pay your closing costs. Think about what you want if you know you are getting a good deal. However if you are too pushy you risk running them off or going with a different buyer. Always weigh all your options. If you are 100% sure you’ve found you dream home you may not want to push them too far. If the house has been on the market for a couple of months you may have more of a chance of getting them to budge.

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Home Security

Home Security Systems Offer Peace of Mind and Proven Results


At a time when home security is on every homeowner’s mind, it is good to know that high-tech automation systems are on offer to help lessen the worry of one’s home being invaded. In fact, LYNX Touch security systems are designed for use with various mobile devices. The goal is to have a safe home that, “becomes a smart house,” with the aid of home automation systems, say security experts commenting online.

Using home security automation to protect family

Another aspect of why home security is done is linked to federal, state and local police agencies stating that home break-ins are on the rise nationwide. For instance, true “home automation” is all about putting the homeowner in control when it comes to ensuring all doors are locked and secure. There is the added security automation feature of being able to set the temperature of the house before you return home.

Home security automation explained

There are many customized solutions for homeowners today who worry about someone breaking in while they are away. In turn, there are numerous home automation systems and experts featured online at various security websites that can sort out the best solution for any budget. There are both grand home security systems, and other less expensive systems. The more detailed home automation is linked to arming or disarming a home security system with the click of a smartphone. Moreover, there are less expensive systems that simply turn outdoor and indoor lights on or off as a means to arm or disarm the home’s security alert system.

The various automated home security systems on offer today include:

– Complex home automation that puts the home owner in control of every aspect of the various security systems in place. This type of complete coverage includes controls for turning on thermostats, lighting, home entertainment or sound systems, door and garage locks, security cameras and even window shades and ceiling fans. The goal is to “make the home seemed occupied so intruders will decide not to break in,” states a professional home security expert commenting online.

– Home noise makers to ward-off intruders. While it may seem unusual, there are home security automation systems that turn on home entertainment systems to help create “a lived in environment.” The goal is to set a home security timer to turn home speakers, TVs and other entertainment systems to create sound and images that tell a burglar that someone is home. In turn, there are mobile device apps that allow homeowners to turn their home entertainment systems on or off when away from the house.

– Environment controls. Imagine using a mobile phone app to open and close the window shades on your house; while being away on vacation? How about turning ceiling fans on or off when out of the house? Both of these automated environmental control options are useful for home security, say experts.

– Home security cameras. Because you cannot see what is in front, behind or even inside your home while you and your family are away, there is the home security automation concept of positioning various cameras around your home. The cameras can be accessed easily from touchscreens, smartphones and laptop computers. The use of automated home security cameras is an effective and convenient way and means to put “eyes on your property” when away from home. The cameras also keep a watchful eye on your family and pets. It is helpful for “screening” visitors as well; while also creating a total inside and outside automated home security system that records activity occurring at your front door, back door, side patio doors and at other locations to view what is happening in and around your property.

– Home door and window locks. At a time when the most obvious way and means to enter your home while you are away is through a door or window, it makes good sense to have a means to properly secure your home’s entrance portals when away. For instance, today’s high-tech automated home security locks can be opened or closed with mobile devices apps and other specialized computer security systems.

– Security lighting systems. The use of “light” to warn intruders that a home is occupied and protected is an age-old human security system that goes back to the dawn of man using fire to warn strangers. In turn, there is some amazing high-tech and fully automated outdoor and indoor home security systems on offer today. For example, there is automation that can be set to turn on or off all types of lighting around your home just minutes or hours before you and your family arrive home. There are even high-tech “computer generated images and scenes” that can be projected with automated home security lights that create an interesting ambience, while also warning potential burglars that this home is well lit and protected.

In general, there is a wide range of trending home automation security systems that can protect all areas of the home when you and your family are away. These specialized home security measures and devices are also helping when someone is home alone and desire some peace of mind that something is protecting them from intruders wishing to harm them or rob the house.

Home automation systems in a time of fear

At the end of the day, the main job of all home automation security systems is to offer residents peace of mind when they are either at home or away. For instance, who is protecting your family and your assets when you turn off the lights and go to bed at night? The answer is your automated home security system that utilizes a mix of specialized technologies that ensure you and your family is safe and sound; while also out of harm’s way because of the automated systems you have put in place.

At home with automated security systems

There are specialized automated home security systems that are literally out of this world. In fact, these new systems are so high-tech that homeowners have to see it to believe it. For instance, there are automated systems on offer today that let you connect and manage your home entirely online with the aid of a smartphone or software loaded on your personal computer. The goal is to offer a “proper balance of security,” with such things as specialized security lights, camera or video monitoring and other automation that is designed to protect your family from harm’s way.

Getting the right mix of automation system security

Moreover, the automated house security systems featured online today are reasonably priced. There are also various TV cable and phone services on offer that incorporate automated home security devices that are second to none, and even the gold standard in modern and automated home security today. The best advice from fully wired homeowners commenting online today is to, “seek out a professional home security expert” to advise you on what your home requires in terms of specialized lights, cameras, locks and remote access to turn these systems on and off while away from the house.

Overall, there is good reason to consider upgrading your home’s security systems with new high-tech automation systems because what is more important than the safety of your family at home.


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